Serving God, Serving You.

Who We Are

In the Beginning

For more than 25 years e3 Partners has been mobilizing people to share the gospel and plant churches around the world.

EvangeCube is Born

In 1999 the EvangeCube concept was conceived in the field, on an e3 Expedition. The question was asked, "How can we break the language barrier?" and "How can we share the gospel, simply with images, in a way that's compelling and easily transferable?" The resources division of e3 was born.... e3 Resources.

Equipping the Body

In about a decade more than 4 Million EvangeCubes have been deployed globally. God only knows the impact! The proven model of storytelling with images has been adopted to fight Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Human Trafficking. Discover new e3 Resources.

I am Second

I am Second was the vision of a man in his 70s who asked e3 the question... "What are we doing to lift up Jesus here in the United States?" Spreading like wildfire, powerful, high-quality videos of people from all walks of life were developed with a congruent message of putting God and others first. Grow in serving God and others, with I am Second.

e3 Expeditions

e3 Expeditions continue to expand with diverse groups of youth, seniors, families and more. Communities are being transformed, with everything from eyeglass, dental and medical clinics, to fresh water and micro business entrepreneur training.

The gospel is being shared, eyes are being opened, and multiplying churches are being planted. Find an e3 Expedition that grabs your attention, pray about your participation, and GO!