Chiang Mai,

July 16th - 26th, 2015

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This trip is ideal for families and individuals who want to experience Asia. Your first glimpse of the glittering massive skyline will be matched with an indescribable far-east mouth-watering aroma.

The exquisite beach resorts are shadowed by the idyllic mountain escapes in the foothills of the Tibetan plateau.

You’ll be greeted in this land of rich dichotomy, by our warm, welcoming hosts, who serve among the hard working poor and help rescue children being sold into slavery.

The reverent practice of Buddhism permeates the culture and breeds a works and fear-based worship practice.

This expedition will be led by our Priceless Initiative Team leaders. You will have the experience to serve those once sold being restored, as well as families who are vulnerable to becoming trafficked victims..

Just $200 activates the e3 Partners team. Each and every detail of your mission trip is cared for. Travel, lodging, food, translators, everything… You'll even be helped with tips, ideas, and best-ways to raise the money to go!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email:

Engage in Thailand and you’ll never be the same.

Together we will leave a lasting legacy of Love.