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Summer Salvations in Uganda

The July summer heat of 2016 brought a small team from Colorado across the world, to two small towns in Uganda. There, they ministered to the people with a focus on evangelism in the prisons, hospitals, schools and universities. God opened doors and made a way for the team to minister to over 300 children at a youth festival. They also shared Jesus at a Pastor's conference, as well as visiting house to house in the village and marketplace! After the EvangeCube was presented, the team joyfully witnessed hundreds responding to the invitation to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Randy and his team have selflessly trained many others to use the Cube, which they refer to as “a wonderful tool.” They distributed them to those who commit to share the Gospel using the Evangecube in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, India and Haiti, and have been doing so since 2009. What a blessing to see God on the move!


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God In New Orleans

God Is Doing Something in New Orleans! Seriously. It was the weekend of June 25-27 and I had the privilege of being a part of a group of regular “church folks” going out on the streets of New Orleans sharing their faith. These “untrained evangelists”stepped out of their comfort zones, armed with their faith and Evangecubes! As they began explaining each image on the cube, God began moving through the crowds, drawing them to Himself! It was an awesome sight, people from all walks of life, young and old, experiencing God's love. Some for the very first time, while others, a passing memory rekindled! Bourbon and Canal Streets were the main focus. The result? Over 200 new believers, now armed with the Evangecube in their hands and Jesus in their hearts! Later that night, on our way out to dinner, we saw new believers sharing the cube with others on the streets! My hope is that other cities will follow the example of New Orleans in sharing the Good News! -Sandra


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Brad was on his first mission trip to Haiti. He was immediately touched by the huge white smiles and round eyes all around the orphanage. Somehow in the midst of filth, poverty and squalor, these children had happy faces for the American visitors. How was it possible? One by one Brad spoke with the children sharing the story of Jesus and his amazing love with the pictures on the EvangeCube. One tiny boy, Jon Pierre, latched onto Brad and the cube and would NOT let him move forward. Jon Pierre asked Brad, pointing at the cube, why the Father let his son die on the cross? Brad had to explain, with a huge lump in his throat, that the love the father God and Jesus have for us all is so great that they knew it would be worth it to take our punishment, so they could be with us in heaven forever. Jon Pierre whispered in his innocence, I want a good Father like that! Brad was so humbled at this child's faith and innocence and prayed through tears with Jon Pierre for the Lord Jesus to be his savior and for God to be his Father. That day Jon Pierre was changed forever with the promise sealed in his heart of a good, good father.


I was out shopping last week for a special Valentine’s gift for my wife. After a few minutes of being helped by a young lady behind the jewelry counter, nothing seemed to “catch my eye”. As I thanked her and turned to walkaway, I realized what a great opportunity to share with her the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. She began sharing with me how this had been a tough week, knowing that Valentine’s Day is approaching and she just came out of a very painful and abusive relationship. Her words were, “How can I come into work everyday with a smile on my face, greeting customers who are looking for that special gift for their “valentine”? I have to tell you, at this point, that I usually carry a small evangelism cube in my pocket for times like these. (God’s divine appointments!) As I took out the cube and shared God’s free gift of salvation, I saw the change sweep over Andrea’s face! It was a precious moment in time, realizing that the gift I thought that I needed, was over-shadowed by a much greater need. Andrea bowed her head to receive the most precious gift of all - life for eternity and hope for today!

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The Traveling Cube

Miguel is a Mexican migrant worker who has also become a traveling disciple of the Gospel! Several years ago Miguel listened to the Gospel story with the EvangeCube from an e3 Partner missionary. He believed and received Jesus Christ as his savior! The missionary gave Miguel the EvangeCube so he could share his new faith with others. Later Miguel took the Evangecube to a Christian youth camp in Canada where he does farming work each year during the harvesting season. He showed the owners of the camp the EvangeCube and explained how it had been presented to him and been a powerful instrument to "show" him the Gospel story. Now, the Canadian camp owners buy EvangeCubes each year for all of their migrant farm workers to learn and share while working in Canada and then, they take the Gospel cube back to share with their own people in Mexico! It is truly amazing how the Gospel message gives new purpose to lives and can literally circle the globe in the most unconventional ways! " So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

Mom's Ashes Turned To Beauty

I stopped to get gas on a freezing winter night, and when the tank was full, I noticed a man on the other side of the pump. I was busy trying to wind things up at the pump because it was so cold. The Man came around the side and said, " Mam, I am so sorry about your Son". I was puzzled because I did not know the man. He said he noticed the "In Memory sticker" on the back of my rear view glass. He then said, "Was your son 11? If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" I then told him about the car accident and how the Lord has been so good to us even though it's been the hardest thing of our lives. I told him about the many people that have given control of their lives to Jesus Christ because of our son's death. I also told him about the Ministry we started , in memory of our son, with the cubes and bands. He said he had a brother that needed to hear about Jesus. It just so happened I had my last eband in the car and I told him I would be glad to give him one. He asked how much and I said "free sir". So in the 22 degree weather the Gospel was shared with this man at the gas pump. When we were finished talking, I gave him the eband and told him to share it with his brother, maybe this was something the Lord could use to reach him. He told me "God bless you" and then finally introduced himself. He was the Manager of the station! No matter what time, what weather, or if is convenient or not, God is always willing to use us, even our worst tragedy as a mother, if we are willing to be used for His Glory!

The Conversation Starter

Hello, My name is Jenna. I am the Youth Ministry Director with an Organization called CrossTrainers Canada. I run a youth centre.
We have one of your evangecubes sitting on our front desk. This tool has allowed for more conversations with youth than ever before!!! I have kids who have never stepped foot inside a church telling ME the gospel because of the cube. They love playing with it. Thank you for making this tactile "play" of evangelism!
You are helping change lives.

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I Never Leave Without It

I have used the eCube on foreign mission trips, but it works right here in the states. I find over nine out of ten lost people accept Jesus when I present the gospel using the eCube. I share with waiters, waitresses, retail workers, motel staff and anyone I happen to run into. While serving as a Disaster Relief chaplain our teams have experienced forty Salvation's in 2013, all while using the eCube Grip. I personally have been blessed by experiencing over one hundred Salvation's each of the past two years and I am not a pastor or preacher, but just a guy who shares Christ.
 God bless,

-Larry R


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Treasure Found In Miseke

The village of Miseke is located in the heart of rural Tanzania, Africa and isn't found on most maps. Kathie, a Texas native, discovered hopelessness and desperation in the village primarily made up of Aids outcasts. They struggled for help, medicine and food, but just when they saw a glimmer of hope, elephants came and destroyed all of the their crops. They were loosing all hope.

Kathie took immediate action with food and a few dollars. But long-term, sustainable solutions had to be created.

Kathie and team began to work with the local churches... walking alongside them, and listening to the dreams they had for their village.

Eyes became open to the resources around them, as training through the churches birthed community projects that would turn their dreams into reality. Children were the top priority!

A school was started to focus on basic education. Then the cultivating of land to grow vegetables (Casava).

The Casava came up in abundance and the kids began to eat better, grow in strength, and learn more at school.

A Chicken Project was started to provide income and protein. As that grew, they bought goats and cows, and could finally afford needed medicine and the nutrition needed to support the drugs!

Now, there are gardening projects, Bible and life-skills studies, and small businesses springing up and more! Life is raising up in a place that appeared all but dead.

That's a small snapshot of what's taking place in this little village of Miseke. A people who were outcasts, and out of hope in the middle of Africa... transforming!

When people just like you determine to GO, LISTEN and SERVE... Metamorphosis is inevitable.

Come with us to Tanzania, or choose one of our other exciting locations. It all starts with a willing, trusting heart.

Come on, let's go.
The life transformed could be your own.



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PricelessCube - Trafficking Resource Connection

I teach a graduate-level course at Fuller Seminary on “Ministry to Trafficked and Sexually Exploited Children.”

When I attended PricelessCube training I was impressed that there weren't any key elements missing from the Cube that I would have added.

In addition, I realized that even though the basic presentation is simple, the Cube also provides a platform to talk about all of the topics that I cover in my 10 week academic course — from explaining the complex set of causes to responding to the holistic needs of survivors.

I can’t wait to introduce the Cube to my Fuller students and get this valuable resource into the hands of more practitioners.

Christa Foster Crawford
Trafficking Resource Connection
“Connecting people to resources to end exploitation”

Trafficking Resource Connection

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Torn Bibles

I was in Ethiopia when Orthodox Priests tore up the Bibles we brought to pass out to those we had shared the gospel with.
I was both angry and sad as I looked at all the pages strew about the field.

I sat on the bus, praying for God's work to be done.
A minute or so later, a big wind came out of nowhere and the pages started flying. Then, I noticed a young man at the corner of the field, holding tightly to one of those pages.
I realized that the Lord had a different plan for those bibles... a better plan... a plan that would spread His word quicker and farther.

The priests would work fervently to keep the villagers from owning bibles, but how could they possibly gather the 100's of pages flying about, en route to those whom the Lord had chosen to send them?

Why I don't share Jesus

I've been in church for years. I believe the Bible, and think people need Jesus. But for some reason I never tell anyone and feel guilty about that.

This summer I went on an e3 mission trip. We got checked into our hotel and at dinner our leader showed us how to use an EvangeCube. I thought, "this is kind of cheesy, but maybe good for the kids we will meet."
After breakfast the first full day, we went out in teams of two or three in this tiny, rural village. I was elected the first to share! I tried to get out of it but couldn't! So, I fumbled through the first time, with some kids who said, "yes, I want to follow Jesus." By the 3rd or 4th time, I was "like a pro!" I kept sharing and sharing and most of the people kept saying, yes to Jesus!

So I'm in the airport headed back to the US scratching my head, (not from lice! Thank God!) but wondering, how I went from NEVER sharing my faith to, "becoming an evangelist!"
I can't say that I've shared as much since I've been home, but I have shared a little.

So, if I could encourage you. Step out of your comfort zone, who knows what might happen."

Do you have a story like this? Please share it! Click HERE to share your story and inspire others.

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PricelessCube in Ethiopia

We have only one more day in the village and my heart is overwhelmed...

words fail me. 90% of the homes here have been impacted by trafficking. They've either sold one or more children or they were planning on it... Every home I've been in, this has been the case.

* An 8 year old nephew "went" three years ago and hasn't been heard from since.

* A father had a contract for his 14 year-old daughter and withdrew after hearing the PricelessCube message.

* A group of women asked with tears pleading, "How do we get our sisters back?"

* A 15 year-old girl scheduled to leave this Wednesday, changed her mind yesterday!

* A group of four teenage girls all preparing to leave in the next few weeks, all backed out.

And SO MANY MORE STORIES! By my estimate more than 30 women and children who were going to be trafficked are now NOT. Not to mention the near 300 decisions for Jesus!

The nationals thought that we created the PricelessCube specifically for their area because the message was so direct and clear about what is happening there. Now four communities are pulling together to protect their children and are so grateful for the message. The team at e3 Resources... what can I say, but even from your offices in the US, you're having a dramatic impact and the course of lives and eternities are being changed.

My deepest gratitude, with all my heart.

In His Grip,

Jenni Jessen

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Clinics In Kenya

Lab Technicians and Nurses like Rachel and Diana (pictured) teach the community health workers to use the HIV / AIDS Cube and MalariaCube in their schools and villages in Kenya.

Jill Moller
St. Louis, MO


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Over 80,000 Children

Praise Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

My name is Christiano Mboyi.
I am a pastor and an evangelist here in Kenya based in Kisii county, pasturing a young church that the Lord helped me plant last year in August.
For the last five years, I have been doing school evangelism using the BIG Cube cube a friend gave to me.

Over 80 thousand children and youth gave their lives to Christ during these noble mission.

Christiano Mboyi


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So Simple, Yet So Powerful

I want to thank you for your resources. They are so simple to use yet so powerful. I am having fun using them state side. This month I was able to lead someone to the Lord with the eCard.

Last month I was able to share the eCard with a women who had back slid, she was not happy that I was going to share the gospel with her but when she saw the way the eCard unfolded she began to smile and was very fascinated and began to pay close attention. I was able to give her several so she could do the eCard on her neighbors and their kids.
God was telling me that this women was "the women of peace" who would bring the good news to her people. Those around her stuck in drugs and poverty could be transformed by the healing touch of our savior and all it takes is using the eCard.

Heidi Palicio
Branson, Missouri

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Every Campus For Christ

The eCube remains an effective tool – especially as we reach Every Campus for CHRIST here in South Africa.

We are combining the I am Second Small Groups or friendship groups with our evangelism outreach – it is being well received at the UJ Campuses.

Planning is underway to have a ‘Revival Week’ at the four campuses of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) early in July 2012, as the new semester begins.

Although we have a shortage of eCubes for all the outreach teams we will be using other tools, such as the Message Beads & eBand, as well.

We are presently mobilizing prayer for the ‘Revival Week’ and call upon you all to stand with us in prayer at this time.


John Smith
Johannesburg, South Africa

The 76ers Hear The Gospel

Let me start by saying thank you for all that you are doing for God's kingdom. Your products are so versatile and wonderful tools to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I first started using your eCube about 11 years ago.

I was on staff at a church in New Jersey, and was working on a Masters Degree in Pennsylvania. Someone gave me a cube and gave me an opportunity to use it to share Christ. A friend saw me using the cube to share Christ and asked me to lead a chapel for a group of athletes and requested that I use the eCube. What a privilege it was to share the eCube with Allen Iverson and other members of the Philadelphia 76ers at a pre-game chapel service...

...Your ministry had touched the lives of many, many people, and we praise God for the lives changed!"

Rev. Gregory S. Dyson
Pastor, Church in the Acres

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My 10 year old grandson, Dayne, has led 6 boys to the lord in two days with the eBall.



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Mysterious Ways

My daughter is on staff for an international children's ministry. She and a teammate were in Busia, Uganda, in February.
Her teammate came back to the room at the hotel saying that she had just seen something strange.

A woman was sitting in the hotel courtyard with a cube that had different pictures on it.

She kept turning it and looking puzzled.

Another woman, who was a missionary for a different mission (not e3) asked her if she knew what it was.

The national said no.

This missionary explained the eCube to her and she accepted Christ.

No one knew where the eCube came from or just where the woman found it.

It makes me wonder how many other eCube are used to bring people to Christ that we have no idea about.


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Empowering & Mobilizing

The eCube has proven faithful to empower and mobilize people around the world to share Jesus and plant churches.

These are people who would have never shared their faith before using the eCube.
It gives them a very user-friendly, non-threatening, evangelistic tool to reach the lost in their communities.

The Church of the Nazarene is eternally grateful for our partnership with e3 Ministries.

JESUS Film Harvest Partners

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eCube on Everest

I am not sure the eCube has ever been this high.

I am on top of Kala Patar, 18,300 feet and that is Everest in the center of the picture. AMAZING.

AWESOME is that the team had opportunity to share the gospel 83 + times with 15 different nationalities!
We had opportunity to strengthen 12 churches with eCube training and we saw one porter come to Christ.
We surveyed about 8 communities up and down the mountain.

Help us pray for His church to be planted in these communities.

THANK YOU for your prayers, support, encouragement and friendship!

We felt the prayers as we went.

e3 Partners Ministries


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Bragging on God

I share this as a reminder of how God can make Big things Bigger.

Yes, I am bragging on God and how he can use a nobody like me, who is not a pastor or anything like that, but just a guy who loves Jesus, because without Him, I can do nothing.

May 12, 2012 I was having a late breakfast at Frischs restaurant in Marysville Ohio and shared the eCube with Heather, my waitress and she asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

Heather is like so many young people I come in contact with being a church attender, but had never followed Romans 10:9 voicing her desire to be saved.
I saw Heather this past week during her spring break and she told me she started a Bible study at the college she attends. Heather said one of the girls asked, "why are we doing this Bible reading", to which she replied, "because I want to".
It excites me just to think about how many lives Heather may touch through her Bible study. Heather is a senior in college where she travels to many states and towns playing softball and is a delightful young lady. She also likes to brag on her grandmother for taking her to church.

We just never know how our actions today will affect someone tomorrow.

Just pray we all reach out to others with boldness today, so they can make a difference tomorrow.

God Bless,

Larry Randolph

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